Roof security

Prevent Roof Break-Ins

Roof security is an issue. Criminals have realized houses with tile roofs are easy targets. Roof tiles are quickly opened up, and access into the house by breaking through the ceiling boards is simple.

Living in a secure environment is key for many people either renting or owning a property. The rise in crime is linked to the increasing rate of unemployment. Thieves have become smarter and more creative having the ability to swiftly circumvent burglar bars, gates, alarm systems, etc. by now getting in through the roof tiles.

Give intruders no way in with the Burglar Baffle from Roof Rats. Made of welded wire mesh, it is secured under your roofing material, e.g. tiles. The wire mesh is designed to keep intruders out as it is clamped between the roofing beams.

Stop the villains in their tracks with the Burglar Baffle.