Bird control

Bird Netting and Mesh

Sometimes the only way to keep birds out of a roof space is to close it off. We custom build enclosures with netting or mesh to prevent access by birds.

Bird Spikes

Birds are typically habitual and cause a huge mess on roof tops, building slabs and ledges. Once they have decided that your building is the place to be seen, it is difficult to get them to move off to alternate roosting areas.

One method of deterring birds is the placement of bird spikes on roosting areas. Bird spikes are not suitable for larger areas but are ideal solutions to deter birds from roosting on ledges, window sills, air-con units etc. The spikes we use are a metal tri-spike on a Perspex base and are virtually invisible. The row of spikes are secured with either screws, nails or glue so that they are secure. We have even been asked to cable tie them onto drain pipes to deter the birds!

Single rows of spikes are usually sufficient to deter the birds, but wider ledges or areas a double row may need to be used to provide extra cover.

Eagle Eyes Bird Reduction Solutions

We are approved installers of the Eagle Eye Range of Products. There are three major products that we install to deter birds – the Wind Powered Eagle Eye (top) and the Solar Powered Eagle Eye (bottom), and the propeller unit.

The Wind Powered unit relies on wind to move the “eye”, and thus flash to deter and disorientate the birds. It is best used in areas where there are prevailing winds to ensure that a constant steam of wind keeps the unit moving.

The Solar Powered unit has a solar panel that provides a constant power source to the “eye” and keeps it moving.

Both Eagle Eye units are usually installed on the highest point of the roof line to provide a revolving flash to disorientate the birds. The units come in different colours depending on what bird is resident. Whilst these units are highly effective, they may need to be supplemented in extreme situations with culling. We do not provide this area of expertise.

In addition to the Eagle Eyes are the wind propellers which whilst are a new product are proving to be very effective in bird management.