Pest Control

Rats and Mice

As part of general pest control, we install bait stations in gardens, parking areas, complexes, factory units, industrial parks, and so on.

The bait stations that we use are hard plastic Beta stations with an internal bait rod and locking mechanism. We can install the bait station on your behalf along normal rat/mouse runways. These stations are placed and secured for you so that they cannot be dis-lodged by pets, children or passing traffic. Each station comes with a key to unlock the station when needing to be refilled. If you wish, this key will be left with the client, so that they can refill the station when necessary.

The poisons we use are multi-feed poisons, which whilst do take longer to poison the rats, are safer to dogs, cats or owls who will potentially get hold of a dead rat. If you/ your client is to re-fill the station, please ensure that no “quick-kill” poisons are used, as whilst the rats die quickly, the carcasses will be harmful to pets and owls if ingested.

Cockroaches | Flies | Fleas | Ants

Roof Rats offers a fully integrated pest-control solution for a variety of pests. We can treat each infestation individually, or we can give a once-off treatment to cover a variety of pests.

Snake removal & relocation

Snakes are an incredibly important part of any ecosystem and should be protected. Many people kill snakes out of fear and ignorance. We have an emergency service to catch and remove snakes in the Northern Johannesburg, Kyalami and Centurion areas.