Animal exclusions

Animal Pest Control – Rat Exclusions

Possibly one of the most difficult animal pests to deal with once they have made the roof cavity home! The exclusion of rats works best when the roof space has been thoroughly cleaned and sanitised prior to the exclusion methods being used.

Rats leave urine markers in roof cavities which provide territory markers and scent tracks for the resident rodents. If these markers are not neutralised, the rats will be continually drawn to the roof cavity as home. This scent will be in the dust, rubble and on the beams in the roof. In addition, these scents are on all pathways that the rats use to access the roof cavity.

In our exclusion methods we take into consideration the roof style, tile style, IBR style and various other factors. We use a variety of materials to exclude rats from the roof cavities depending on the above factors. We seal up current access points as well as potential access points. We offer a 1(one) year guarantee on the seal up, so should a rat get back into the roof cavity we will come back and reseal at no extra charge

Animal Pest Control – Bat Exclusions

Bats are a protected species and may not be handled in any manner. In addition they may not be excluded during certain periods, for example their breeding season. There is lots of legislation around bats and what may and may not be done to remove them from your roof cavity. We are compliant with the relevant legislations.

Our approach is two pronged as we need to get the bats to relocate first and then come and clean up the droppings and carcasses in the roof cavity. Firstly we do the exclusion along with approved methods of barrier, which allow the bats to leave but not get back in. Once all noise has died down, and the physical inspection indicates that the bats have moved, we then will do the cleaning and sanitising services.

Animal Pest Control – Bird Exclusions

A little less difficult than rats. Birds can be evicted from roof spaces, but then may tend to stay in the vicinity looking for new roosting and nesting sites.  Depending on which type of resident bird we are dealing with, we may have to use different methods to exclude them. Sparrows (Mossies), Pigeons, Doves and Indian Mynas all have different nesting and roosting patterns that we need to deal with.

As above, we consider the roofing style to provide the best solution to bird evictions. The 1 (one) year guarantee also applies to our bird proofing.

Other “Interesting “ Animal Pest Exclusions

In our servicing of residential homes, complexes, corporate buildings and other establishments, we have come across the following:

  • Dassies
  • Bush Babies
  • Squirrels
  • Snakes
  • Lizards – of various sizes

And many other wanted pests.