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Call Roof Rats to clean, protect and maintain your home or office from ceiling to roof. Our employees are trained professionals who take pride in their work and know how to do their jobs safely. After booking and confirming an appointment, a team will arrive on the scheduled day. Read on to learn about who is in charge on site and more.

What you can expect:

  • Our crew and vehicle/s will arrive anywhere between 07:30 and 09:00  – this is totally dependent on the traffic conditions.
  • The team on site will be anywhere between 3 and 10 personnel. This is entirely dependent on the amount of work booked and the size of the premises. The bigger the house – the more personnel and machinery required.
  • Alex McLean is our operations manager. He oversees the day-to-day working of all the crews and is backed up by Denis.
  • The “Grey Overall” is a senior supervisor. He has the responsibility of overseeing two or three “Rat Crews”. He will supervise the job, but will not be on site all the time. Our “Grey Overalls” are Percy, Ernest and Nando in Johannesburg. Emmanuel oversees the Cape Town branch.
  • The “Red Overall” is the site supervisor. Chick, Joshua, Alick,  Sakkie or Simon will supervise the whole job. They are our “client interface” and are ultimately responsible for the job itself. Any and all queries while the team is on site must be directed at them.

The Roof Rats team will access the roof and ceiling through either:

    • The interior trapdoor/s, or. . .
    • access the area through the removal of tiles from the roof. This is our preferred method of entry, as it is easier to remove the dirt from the roof, and it also stops us carrying it all through your house!
  • The roof cleaning and ceiling vacuuming team will spend an entire morning, afternoon or full day if necessary in the ceiling – using imported high-performance, high-suction vacuum cleaners with high efficiency “Hepa-filters” to clean up the dirt.
  • If there is roof insulation material installed – this will be moved to clean underneath, and each individual piece of insulation is also cleaned, and then replaced.
  • The dirt is trapped in filter bags which when full are periodically removed from the machine/s, and replaced with new filters.
  • The filter bags are then sealed and taken outside.
  • Should we be removing old insulation we can contract a skip-waste company to dump the old material. You can expect one “black rubbish bag” per square metre of house – 300 or 400 bags is not unusual.

We Can Also Sanitise Your Roof Space

  • We have a high-efficiency Hospital-grade, SABS tested and approved sanitising spray to neutralise all the bacteria and germs in the roof space. This leaves the house smelling clean and fresh.