Exterior cleaning

Gutters and downpipes

Cleaning of gutters is a chore. An accumulation of leaves, bird nests and dirt regularly blocks these. We can either come and high-pressure wash the gutters on a regular basis, or we can install products that prevent the build up of gutter-blocking “stuff”.

Spray washing roofs

We have as part of our repertoire of equipment, industrial strength petrol driven power wash machines that are used for the power washing of :

  • Roofs – dust, droppings, leaves, flaking paint
  • Gutters – after a manual clearing, down pipe clearing, washing externally. Removal of leaves and nests along with grime
  • Skylights – dust and pigeon droppings
  • Walls – where pigeon droppings have adhered to the walls, removal of dust in scratch plaster groves
  • Paving – where droppings, dust and sand have accumulated

Please note: we adhere to water restrictions and may only offer this service when restrictions are lifted. We do however offer more manual solutions to our clients if they need these services done.

Cleaning of solar panels

Solar panels are only efficient if they are clean. Bird droppings and even a slight layer of accumulated dust can affect the collectors by up to 20%. It is essential to clean the panels regularly. We offer a cleaning service for roof panels – both Infra-red and Photovoltaic.

Parapet walls

Architects seem to love putting up parapet walls. These walls hide a multitude of “sins” – but that is exactly the issue. They form lovely hiding places for bird, especially pigeons, as well as their nests.  These hidden alcoves also hide the access points for rodents. The spaces behind these walls need a regular clean-out so as to prevent them from becoming a health hazard due to the build-up of animal and bird droppings.